General API Workbench Functionality

General MainMenu

The main API Workbench menu is located in the Packages->API Worbench sub-menu of the top-level menu.

Create RAML Project

General MainMenu

Creates a new RAML project, generates folder structure and sample resource.

location sets the absolute location of the project root folder.

Title of your API, Version of your API and Base URI of your API set up the respective properties of generated sample API located in a sample RAML file.

Use RAML 1.0 Draft checkbox controls, which version of RAML will be used: 1.0 or 0.8.

Get APIs from …


This action allows downloading (cloning) one of the popular APIs into a new project.

Open API Console


This menu item opens an API console, a tool to browse current API documentation.

Show Quick Commands

General QuickCommands

Displays context-dependent commands.

Tree view

General QuickCommands

Tree View is a part of default Atom functionality which the API Workbench uses.

It displays current project file tree. Tree View can be opened by clicking View->Toggle Tree View in top-level menu, or activating Command+\ keyboard shortcut.

Context menu

General QuickCommands

Command+Mouse click or Right Button Mouse Click anywhere in the RAML editor opens up a context menu for the item at the location of the cursor. There are multiple general and context-depended actions in the menu.