Validation of RAML code is performed automatically on each code modification. User does not need to invoke it manually.

The results of validation are displayed in two places:

Clicking on the line underscored with red displays a pop-up with the error description.

Clicking on the error item in the bottom reveals the error line in the editor.


Structural Validation

Validation Structure

This validation checks the structure of the document.

Following conditions are checked:

References Validation

Validation Reference

This type of validations checks nodes that should contain references and tries to find out the element, the reference points to. If the referenced element is not found, the error is reported.

Reference validation of the following kinds of element is supported:

Traits & Resource Type Parameters Validation

Validation ResourceTypeParameter

This type of validation checks that the elements referencing resource types or traits do provide required parameter values, and do not provide any unknown parameters.

Schema Validation

Validation Schema

This type of validation checks that schemas have correct syntax.

Example Validation


This type of validation checks that example conforms to its type or schema.

RAML version and fragments

Validation Version

The header comment in the RAML file provides validation engine with information of which RAML version to validate against.

#%RAML 1.0 

It may also declare a root node being different from the API default, in such a case validation accepts such a node children to be located at the top level.